Jasmeet Singh               

Maskeen Ji Real Estate has been a vision of Jasmeet Singh, the Co-founder. He is an MBA in Marketing and Finance, has a vast experience of 4+ years in real estate industry, which comprises of providing thorough consultancy related to all and interrelated aspects of real estate. He has extensive experience of providing corporate and retail occupier clients with services ranging from assisting them in expansion in terms of finding a commercial / retail space for lease or sale, relocating their management staff and consulting to facilities management. In the current organisation he is the brain behind everything, is responsible for overall decision making, business development , overseeing the management and development of key accounts of the firm. He has a vision to make this organisation stand out, grow and strive to become pioneer in integrating real estate and its interrelated services with a commitment to professionalism driven by corporate competency and values. Also plays a significant role of constructing marketing strategies, leading the sales team, builder association and MNCs empanelment.

Bhupender Singh

Bhupender Singh (Co-founder) is an M.Com, has a over a decade experience in an automobile industry in the past and presently around 13+ years of experience in service industry, particularly in education, and still running, for which he has been shouldering responsibilities while playing role of a Manager in a CBSE school. Also he has an vast experience as he has been thoroughly following real estate and dealing on and off in various transactions for investment purpose, made him see the potential and scope of this industry which struck the idea of starting up his own venture. His late father Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen was a religious scholar and preacher, who dedicated his whole life to serve the society. Hence, being in a service industry and following his father’s foot steps, customer service runs through his veins. In the current organization he is leading the operations and decision making. He also plays a vital role of covering legal and liasoning aspect.

With over a decade of experience dealing in real estate and serving in service industry, he has extensive market knowledge and managerial skills to lead the organisation, also has network and association with multiple business organisations in his basket to lead the organisation to grow from strength to strength in converting our clients dreams into a reality.

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